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BLUE SCREEN by my10cents
There's quite a few things that can cause this problem. First we need to check-- Wrong input or Wrong Type of Tuner reception-- Recheck all connections. Also if you have a cable box reset it -- Reset= Unplug Cable Box for 10 seconds and the ...
TV screen turns mostly white by my10cents
Symptom: Video will intermittently turn mostly white White display with a faint image of OSD (On Screen Display) and video in the background. Video will intermittently turn mostly white with the OSD barely visible in the background. Even a black ...
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For past year, we have often had the fan go on, but no heat, until we went down to basement, wiggled the ignitor wires to get better connection, heard a click, then it would go. Now that ...
by Rocky - 3 hours ago
Thanks Sir, I did say they went away but actually the top goes all the way . ( no lines at all after only 2 or 3 minutes). The bottom half had a few that don't completely away. It gets 80 ...
by william - 4 hours ago
The installation manual is the same for BR-36 and BRI-36. My guess is that the I stands for insert.
by JLMCDANIEL - 5 hours ago
I believe others have posted this problem and it turned out to be a problem with the condensation tank not draining.
by JLMCDANIEL - 5 hours ago
That is part of the smart valve.
by JLMCDANIEL - 5 hours ago
Is the power board and the main board the same board?
by DYNEX - 7 hours ago
Good for you--
by my10cents - 7 hours ago
The knock sensor is a 'blind' hole; it doesn't go anywhere. If you have fluid coming out, you are not working on the knock sensor.
by svfixer - 8 hours ago
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