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How fix a TV screen that stays black by my10cents
If your plasma screen TV has sound and everything is working, except the picture/screen is completely black, then this is what you need to do first: In a dark room with the TV turned on, shine a flashlight at an angle on the screen to see if you can see any kind of a picture or movement. If you can see movement, then it's the inverter board that is at fault. This board turns on your back lights. ...

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where can I buy gas float for model 94678 Chicago gas generator?
by Guest - 5 minutes ago
need #8 adjustable head band model 922112/91214chicago welding helmet what else do need?
by Guest - 1 hour ago
Great, thanks! I do not, however, work on tv's or any electronics. Any guesstimate how much it might cost to repair.
by Gary - 1 hour ago
Ok I had someone jam a screwdriver into my ignition switch. Took the steering wheel off took everything apart got the housing off and replaced the switch. Everything is still open I'm ...
by jaragon951 - 2 hours ago
So you have no picture no sound but do you still have power light and if you do does it blink at all? First do a reset.Unplug tv fron wall plug and then hold power button for 60 seconds. ...
by my10cents - 2 hours ago
I finally tracked this problem down. It's the seventh contact from the back on the selector switch. A new switch runs about $70.00 and is relatively easy to replace with only onewiring ...
by Fix for no spin cycle ... - 2 hours ago
Have you tried Magic Focus? If the picture is slighty bluish and the video is still there, meaning the blue part of video, then you can try and turn down screen control for blue. This ...
by my10cents - 2 hours ago
is there a fuse connected to the heater core, i have no heat or defog
by Guest - 2 hours ago
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