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There must be something we can do with these... by jade
Lately I see wood pallets everywhere I go, and it always seems a shame to throw them away. SO I decided to check what can be done with them. I found many ideas online some of them too simple or too close to the original but some are simply sweet, ...
Plasma TV Repair by my10cents
Plasma TV Looks like everyone is getting out of Plasma TV's, since there is a bigger demand for bigger LED TV's. Panasonic and Pioneer, Dropped out around ...
Audio Troubleshooting by my10cents
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I made a mistake with the votes. It seems all relevant blogs got the same number of votes until now so I decided to pick the blog which had the highest number of votes. DSo the winner of ...
by jade - 1 day ago
peequaa in Ref. to 46inch Hisense, sound with black screen. With these symptoms you said it's the T-con board. My only question is, where is it? Thanks Again
by peequaa - 7 minutes ago
Here an over all and a close up of the power board and the other to. thanks for the troubleshooting help. :woohoo: Thank you Michael ...
by michael - 20 minutes ago
theirs an over all and the power board. let me know whats up. http://www.diyforums.net/images/fbfiles/images/phone_pic_038.jpg
by michael - 26 minutes ago
How much is a Chicago 3/8" close quarter drill worth? The model # is 92956
by Evelyn - 27 minutes ago
Symptom- Display goes off after a few seconds, but sound ok- Repair- Replace Power Board
by my10cents - 32 minutes ago
"Relay clicks once then shuts down into protection mode-(red standby power light)" Replace Power Board So what we will have to do is go with Power Board first, and then see if we need a ...
by my10cents - 38 minutes ago

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