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Craftsman garage door opener remote not working? Try this! by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Howie. On my Craftsman 1/2 HP, the wired controls all worked, but the remotes were not working. After changing out the circuit boards, it still wouldn't respond. How did I fix it? The problem is that older ...
TV volume stuck on low or high setting by my10cents
Is your TV stuck on low or high setting and you can't adjust it? Don't worry, it's an easy fix! Your volume button on the TV might be stuck. The first thing to do is to try a reset. Please note, this may not work, but don't panic! To reset the TV: ...

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My Toro S200 starts up right away but as soon as I put choke in it quits. Is this carb adjustment?
by Guest - 6 minutes ago
Could I get a model number---Try unplug TV for 10 minutes--Hold power button on TV for 60 seconds---Turn on and see if it worked--
by my10cents - 21 minutes ago
Old Ruud Gas Furnace, just changed the carbon igniter, blower runs, igniter comes on heat never kicks on
by Guest - 24 minutes ago
I need a 15.6 volt battery charger for my older model screwgun
by Guest - 38 minutes ago
How do I replace the fuel line(s) on my Poulan 2000 chainsaw?
by Guest - 47 minutes ago
Where exactly is it on the tv
by denise - 54 minutes ago
Can I attach a forced air blower system to the Warnock Hersey fireplace insert BR-36-2?
by Al - 1 hour ago
whirlpool LSQ9010PW3
by WHIRLPOOL - 1 hour ago
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