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JVC TV turned off and now only the blue light is flashing on the front by Vale
Credit for this post goes to MetalMedic. If your JVC TV turned off and now only shows a blue light flashing on the front but no picture, you will need to restore the TV's normal functions by changing the operating mode. The following procedure ...
Plasma TV has horizontal lines blocking the picture by my10cents
Guest wrote: Plasma screen has three inch black horizontal line in the center of the screen: and a three inch width horizontal green line across the bottom of the screen. Is there a fix? Sharp TV There are three possible causes here. You ...

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Sounds like the battery went dead. do any of the lights come on or nothing?
by lexmarks567 - 1 hour ago
where can I go to find a replacement impeller /blades(items 25a and 26a for my Pacific Hydrostar Utility Pump 94639?
by Cassy Gentry - 1 hour ago
glad this worked. and I corrected my typos
by Bill of Pleasanton - 1 hour ago
Help...tv shutting off on. UNPLUGGED IT...THE VACCUM.NOT WORK INSIGNIA TV...19 IN.
by Guest - 2 hours ago
I have an 03 Caravan Sport. The cooling fan Stopped working, visual inspection fuse is ok, ohm testing soon to varify. I have been searching for the temp sensor with no luck. Also, I had ...
by Guest - 3 hours ago
by 19 in - 3 hours ago
I put HEI on a small performer highrise. it had points. I've been runin it for five years like this it seems to have good power but not raw power. its in a 74 4x4. Any my timing mark is ...
by Guest - 3 hours ago
its hard to show in the picture but i can see the picture behind the black its just shoadowy
by Julio Martinez - 3 hours ago
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