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How to fix fan blades that are rotating slowly by Teletwanger
The most likely cause for fan blades to rotate slowly is a worn out capacitor. The capacitor supplies the extra surge of energy the motor requires upon startup. Without it, the motor struggles and limps its way up to speed. The older it gets, the ...
Garage door opens 6 inches then stops... by Vale
Does your garage door open only partially and then stop? Whether this is something new or it has been a recurring problem, here are some of the things that should can be checked before you call out the expensive repair guy! 1. The easiest ...
White Film On Screen by my10cents
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by Moi morales - 4 minutes ago
The only other suggestion is to leave it unplugged overnight-- Also is it still under warranty--? Maybe contact customer support- Let me know--
by my10cents - 8 minutes ago
Quite possible--Your T-Con Board is built into your scan boards-- Keep in touch--
by my10cents - 1 hour ago
Troubleshooting–Check input-If you have a cable box, reset–Unplug for 10 seconds– Do a channel scan–then set TV to channel 3 or 4–Done– Let me know-
by my10cents - 1 hour ago
where can i get parts to Central Pneumatic nailer? item 61694
by Kim Purnell - 2 hours ago
Need a Model Number-- Any thing like this-- This is called Negative Picture-- Can be easily fixed with a T-Con Board replacement-- Let me know--
by my10cents - 3 hours ago
Have you tried this- http://www.hifi-remote.com/ofaold/abcpro3.html Let me know-
by my10cents - 3 hours ago

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