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A basic understanding of electric distribution by JLMCDANIEL
A basic understanding of electric distribution How electric power gets to your home: The electric power is produced at a power plant and feed through a step up transformer which steps the voltage up to 400,000 volts for transmission. By stepping ...
How to set up a watering system for your garden by Vale
Looking for an easy way to keep your garden watered? Try setting up your own watering system! In the above image, the green is the lawn area and the purple are the flower beds that need water. 1. First, draw a planned map of your garden. ...

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TV comes on, only gets "no signal" on screen. I use a converter box for watching TV. I connected 1 & antenna that I was using on another tv (both works good) . The issue is for Magnavox ...
by Guest - 26 minutes ago
When the TV is one there are lines across the bottom on the screen. Anyone know if it's worth fixing?
by Guest - 29 minutes ago
My hisense tv model Lcd32v77 is not coming on bt the red light is stay on any technical help me
by Wiseman - 1 hour ago
I have rca tv model#R52WH74 i can push power button it turns green like it is on but dont show anything on the screen or make a sound. But the light on power button stays on like 5sec then ...
by Guest - 2 hours ago
Hi our 55" Vic smart tv comes on svc flashes on screen then screen turns green. Any idea how we can resolve issue. Thanks
by Guest - 5 hours ago
I have a half finished basement. The part that is unfinished i would like to freshen up the exiting white waterproofing (i am pretty sure it is). I have a full perimeter drain system with ...
by Mar - 5 hours ago
mine was doing similar thing. when I shut it off, it would turn back on by itself. They have a firmware update that fixed the issue. you will have to talk to rca tech support about where ...
by tired - 6 hours ago

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