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JVC TV turned off and now only the blue light is flashing on the front by Vale
Credit for this post goes to MetalMedic. If your JVC TV turned off and now only shows a blue light flashing on the front but no picture, you will need to restore the TV's normal functions by changing the operating mode. The following procedure ...
Plasma TV has horizontal lines blocking the picture by my10cents
Guest wrote: Plasma screen has three inch black horizontal line in the center of the screen: and a three inch width horizontal green line across the bottom of the screen. Is there a fix? Sharp TV There are three possible causes here. You ...

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Why is my transmission slipping in od? All other gears seem fine.
by Rick - 39 minutes ago
Hi, what is the pushrod location for 2005 pontiac G6. Exhaust and Intake location.
by Swoll - 40 minutes ago
front six from passenger side to driver side
by 03 aztek - 1 hour ago
Was running fine this morning...now reverse and first is fine..but reves up and won't go into 3 and 4 gear...
by rgd6411 - 1 hour ago
This, assumes it works, of course.
by svfixer - 2 hours ago
Even if we knew what you were talking about, we don't sell anything here.
by svfixer - 2 hours ago
Explain how you got it hooked up--HDMI--RCA Jacks--??-- HDMI does not carry sound--
by my10cents - 2 hours ago
nevermind thought it was the timer but that was not it. I'm going to try to change the start capacitor on the motor next.....
by clj - 3 hours ago
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