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Power Circular Saw Blade Precautions by svfixer
The teeth of a power saw spin into the edge of the wood. If the blade is on top of the wood, ie. hand power saw, radial arm saw, cutoff miter saw, the teeth spin away from the person. If the blade is under the wood, as with a table saw, the blade ...

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I have a weather maker 8000.... All of the sudden, the heater came on (on a 80deg Texas day, which means 38deg at night) the heater came on and ran up to 84 before I turned off the gas, ...
by Lineman2338 - 19 minutes ago
Hi Guys, Can somebody pls help, am like stuck :( Thanks
by gauravdhawan - 51 minutes ago
I have Samsung #UN28H4500AF I don't know if the TV has a Stand-By Light. It won't turn on with or with out the remote. it has only has button in the back is the power button...
by Guest - 2 hours ago
Fan started getting slow then seized. I took apart cleaned and lubricated. Blades spins freely by hand but when turn on the blades do not spin and are even hard to spin by hand. what is ...
by Guest - 2 hours ago
This question has been asked and answered many times. If you look through the old posts, I'm sure you'll find something that's applicable.
by CrankyBadger - 2 hours ago
Here's an article you might find interesting. http://www.greenheck.com/library/articles/33
by JLMCDANIEL - 3 hours ago
That has a micro switch, remove it and take it to and electronics store to see if you can get a replacement.
by JLMCDANIEL - 3 hours ago

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