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Causes for common TV problems by my10cents
1. There are 1 - 10 colored lines running vertically down the screen. Probably T-Con or Panel in LED/LCD On a plasma, Lower C Buffer Boards or Logic Board Panel 2. The tv has sound but no picture. Lcd TV would be backlights or T-Con, ...
How can you convert a 220 outlet to 110? Can you convert 110 to 220? by JLMCDANIEL
220 to 110 You can convert an outlet from 220 to 110 by changing one leg of the circuit at the panel from the breaker to the common and replacing the 2 pole breaker with a single pole breaker and changing the receptacle if it is only 2 wire plus ...
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I'm sure this thread could be great if we'd only share some stories.
by jade - 1 day ago
Lets hope the repair kit works-- I'll take a look later on--All of the suppliers are out of this board- Let me know how the kit works--
by my10cents - 16 minutes ago
I would go with the Power Board- There's a bigger %age that it's your Power Board, cause your TV set is dead-- The power Board supplies 5 volt standby to your TV, so that when you press the ...
by my10cents - 1 hour ago
Harbor Freight now sells them.
by JayB - 4 hours ago
Yes, it runs through all the Cycle s and drains but doesn't spin the final cycle
by Leslie morris - 4 hours ago
If you see a black screen--Replace T-Con Board- If you see any kind of movement, with flashlight then it's your LED's in side panel-- Watch this video--It's a little long but very ...
by my10cents - 5 hours ago

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