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A basic understanding of electric distribution by JLMCDANIEL
A basic understanding of electric distribution How electric power gets to your home: The electric power is produced at a power plant and feed through a step up transformer which steps the voltage up to 400,000 volts for transmission. By stepping ...
How to set up a watering system for your garden by Vale
Looking for an easy way to keep your garden watered? Try setting up your own watering system! In the above image, the green is the lawn area and the purple are the flower beds that need water. 1. First, draw a planned map of your garden. ...

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As many users had questions about the editng, we would like to clarify -- we are NOT planning to edit the blog text, only the FORMAT of the text. We will not be adding / changing / removing ...
by Vale - 1 day ago
Hey, I went to put a DVD in my magnavox tv and t did the same thing with the changing colors of the screen. What do I do if I don't have a remote?
by Dustin - 8 minutes ago
Toshiba 55TL515U doesn't turn on. No lights at all just a clicking sound from the relay. The power board doesn't show any bad capacitors and I also tried another board with the same result. ...
by Guest - 17 minutes ago
I don't hear any sound but yes there is a little green code in the back it blinks 3 times and then once really quick
by Ray - 22 minutes ago
I've tried all of the reset that you suggested and none worked. I'll send the model number in a couple of mins.
by 5 year old RCA t.v. ... - 29 minutes ago
Hello, I am looking at paving an area with a fire pit in the middle. The issue is finding out how to pave the area - there's no straight answer how to. Some sites say road base, sand and ...
by Alice - 1 hour ago
Need vacuum hose extension for 5 gal wet/vac harbor freight
by Guest - 2 hours ago

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