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Power Circular Saw Blade Precautions by svfixer
The teeth of a power saw spin into the edge of the wood. If the blade is on top of the wood, ie. hand power saw, radial arm saw, cutoff miter saw, the teeth spin away from the person. If the blade is under the wood, as with a table saw, the blade ...
Panasonic Plasma TV Troubleshooting by my10cents
Panasonic TC-P50S30 Viera Plasma TV More info on Plasma TV's found here- Plasma TV Repair 14 blinks error code There's a lot of controversy, about the 14 blinks on a Panasonic Plasma TV. Manufacture Manual say's- 90% P board 10% A ...

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upload pic First check all your fuses, on Y, Z, and Power Board You can do this in Ohms (2
by my10cents - 4 minutes ago
Does your TV, start up, get to screen logo, and then turn off. Can you send me a picture of your TV, like the picture below-
by my10cents - 12 minutes ago
If your TV is dead, suspect Power Board. Did you want to fix yourself? Let me know-
by my10cents - 1 hour ago
Did you replace the fuel filter as well ? Check the air filter. Check the spark plug: if it's fouled, lean out the low speed mixture screw a little (1/8 turn at a time, remember your ...
by CrankyBadger - 6 hours ago
Are Series 70 washer and dryer really CHEAP appliances. How old is the line?
by Guest - 7 hours ago
Without details of construction, material, and snow load requirements it is impossible to answer your question.
by JLMCDANIEL - 8 hours ago

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