Craftsman garage door opener keypad/remotes work sporadically.

The keypad on my Craftsman 1/2 HP garage door opener stopped working. I changed the battery, it still doesn't work. The entire pad blinks continuously when you press any button. I then tried the remotes, they both work sporadically (one works better than the other) it's a hit or miss that they will open the door. The inside opener works every time. I don't think it's a battery issue with the remotes because I haven't had any problem with them until today when the keypad started acting up. I tried unplugging the garage door opener to reset it but that didn't seem to help matters. So where I stand is that I have one keypad on the outside that does not work at all two remotes that work sporadically and the opener on the wall inside the garage that works all the time. Any suggestions how to fix my haywire system?

1 month ago #2

I have this exact same problem. Any suggestions?

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