How To Install The Torsion Spring In An Ariens Snow Blower

Credit for this post goes to Arien Snow blower user.

Guest posted:

I have an Ariens 926LE that I purchased a Quick Turn Chute Rotation Update Kit (52609100). I installed all of the pieces of the kit but could not get the locking arm (00180900) to be forced into the chute gear locking teeth. I believe the issue is with the torsion spring. The somewhat oversimplified directions said to follow the orientation of the original setup. I thought I did that, but the chute still does not work. It will rotate left to right and back, but it won’t lock into place. Other than simple orientation of the spring inside the locking arm is there some other installation step/trick of the torsion spring (or other hardware) to get the locking arm to force into the chute gear?

Even though this is a commonly stated problem, all Ariens related manuals (and their Support Line)were useless in this regard.

I came across your post looking for the same answer myself. After trying a few more times, I figured out how to properly install the torsion spring with the locking arm.

I’ve attached some pictures that should help to show how the spring should be orientated, and the hole in the front where the lower spring arm sits in (which gives the tension on the locking arm which forces it into the gear teeth.

It was difficult to get the lower torsion spring arm/peg into the hole. I was able to do it with a micro screwdriver- you basically need something long and small to reach in and set the lower spring arm/peg in the hole.

Hope the screen shots help.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Does anyone else have any Ariens fixes they can share?
  • Art: That was perfect The description and pics helped
  • Vale: Thanks for letting us know that it worked for you Art!
  • sullfam: Big THANK YOU!!!!
  • Vale: Glad it worked Sullfam!
  • John C.: Thanks! I’ve had my eye on that hole for a while now, figured the spring was supposed to go there but just couldn’t get it to go. Back to the shop, the spring WILL go into that hole!
  • Vale: Good luck!
  • sverbrugge: Good morning,
    My comments are in response to those of you who may be experiencing the problem of your discharge chute rotating and not staying in position. This problem popped up in me the other day just as I was finishing removing 10 inches of snow from my property. Here’s what I found.
    Upon removing the cover for the "chute gear", I found that the "locking arm" did not fully rest between the teeth of the "chute gear". It appears that the "locking arm" when manufactures was not folded to the proper dimensional requirements that would allow it to sit between 2 of the gears teeth. I ground some of the metal away from the sides of the "locking arm" and now the arm sits directly between 2 of the "chute gears" teeth.
    Hope this helps.
  • Vale: Thanks for sharing that tip with us!
  • Bren: This was the best images of how to position torsion spring.
    If there was a star rating for this it would be 100. I spent three days of searching how to do this without downloading a video, that probably wouldn’t help.
    The owner manual was no help. images were put this this and this together bolt, washer, and nut.

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