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Install Chevy 4.3L & 5.7L Vortec Distributor
4.3 TDC.gif
Courtesy GM SI ManualImportantThe engine front cover has 2 alignment tabs and the crankshaft balancer has 2 alignment marks (spaced 90 degrees apart) which are used for positioning number 1 piston ...
by svfixer
Plasma X-Y-Z Board Troubleshooting
In this article, I will help you to understand where these 3 boards are located, what they do, what happens when they fail and how to troubleshoot these boards. DANGER==A plasma TV has voltages ...
by my10cents
Warnock Hersey is Not a Brand Name
First Off....My research concludes that Warnock Hersey is not a brand name of stove/fireplace. This is a Canadian testing/certification agency similar to Underwriters Laboratories in the U.S. You ...
by svfixer
LED/LCD TV Troubleshooting Guide
Magnavox 111.png
The difference between a LED TV and a LCD TV is that they are both LCD TV's except one has LED stripes and the other has CCFL Backlights- (Florescent Tubes) Philips Magnavox Emerson LG ...
by my10cents
Harbor Freight, Chicago Electric, Central Machine, Drill Master, ETC.....
Welcome, This is a knowledge based forum website for DIY'ers. Tools or parts and pieces are not sold. How to use them would be right up our alley. You may be able to come up with an ...
by DIYTech3
Reset Procedure for Various TV Brands
Dead Broadcast
From the previous article Reset Reset Reset we talked on the reasons why our TV sets needs resetting once in a while. In my experience as an electronics service technician for 30 years , most ...
by Pinoytek
What is the difference between a wire and cable?
Wire and cable are not the same thing. Learn in the article below what the difference is exactly and also what types or cord are used for the most common purposes. Wire and cable safety tips: ...
by OKR
Dynex TV remote control not working? Try this!
If buttons on the remote control pad are not working, then in order to diagnose the problem follow these steps: Open the battery compartment on the back of the remote control pad and remove ...
by kmanu
TV Volume Stuck
Is your TV stuck on low or high setting and you can't adjust it? Don't worry, it's an easy fix! Your volume button on the TV might be stuck. The first thing to do is to try a reset. Please note, ...
by my10cents
How to remove the back cover of a plasma TV
It's actually not that hard. First, unplug the TV. Then, hold the power button for 10 seconds to drain excessive voltage. Next, lay the TV face down on a blanket or soft material so not to the ...
by my10cents
Install Timing Belt - Ford ZX-2 DOHC After it Breaks
Compiled from "Motor" manual, 65th Edition, Volume 1 I have found that all instructions I have seen for this job leave much to be desired and to compound the problem, they seem to be written ...
by svfixer
Spikes, Surges and Sags
by my10cents
What is the tub capacity of my washing machine?
"The "published" or "advertised" volume would only be available from the manufacturer. (Good luck on an older machine -- even a newer one) unless you still have a manual that would specify it. That ...
by DIYTech3
Basic Furnace Cycle w/ Hot Surface Igniter
Hot Surf. Ign.jpg
The cycle is as follows: When the thermostat calls for heat the small draft blower comes on. After a short interval while this blower sends an air signal to a diaphragm valve, you should see a red ...
by svfixer
Craftsman garage door opener remote not working? Try this!
Credit for this post goes to Howie. On my Craftsman 1/2 HP, the wired controls all worked, but the remotes were not working. After changing out the circuit boards, it still wouldn't respond. ...
by Vale
Backlight Repair
LG LED TV–50LN5100 This LG TV has sound but no picture After you have removed the screen, (watch video below on how to remove screen) this ...
by my10cents
JVC TV turned off and now only the blue light is flashing on the front
Credit for this post goes to MetalMedic. If your JVC TV turned off and now only shows a blue light flashing on the front but no picture, you will need to restore the TV's normal functions by ...
by Vale
Advice For Re-Painting Basement Walls
Basement flooding
I have a 60 year old house. Cinder block basement, with water pouring in to it, during spring and fall, mold in the summer and winter. Really bad citation. I have struggled with this and spent 3 ...
by Molly Bain
Garage Door Opener Short "UP - Down" Movement
RPM sensor.JPG
Fixaya says: "If you have increased down force threshold and the door continues to reverse, the RPM sensor is the culprit. There is no way to override or test this sensor by using the hand unit or ...
by svfixer
Garage Door Remote Problems
Hasn't shown up recently, but we were having a rash of questions about various opener problems. Thought it was timely to compile some of the discussions here. Rf interference is in the air and ...
by svfixer
JVC TV Freezes
This response was given to a user who wrote: My 2 year old JVC model JLC47BC3000 television will not start up. It freezes during the "JVC" screen and goes no further. JVC tech support advised ...
by my10cents
How to replaced the primer bulb on a chain saw
Primer bulbs are used in chain saws to pump fuel from the lower gas tank into the carburetor and engine. This bulb also removes excess air from the fuel line by pulling fuel into the line; it helps ...
by Marra M
Whirlpool/Kenmore Washer Repair Videos
The following are a series of repair videos for Whirlpool/ Kenmore Washing Machines.They speak for themselves, so not much is required from me.1. This first one covers the replacement of the pump, ...
by svfixer
Changing Gear/Shaft Assembly on Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
Checking the Gear/Shaft Assembly of a Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Remove the cover and check for flakes of white plastic inside. This is a very common problem. Also, check the amount of 'droop' ...
by svfixer
Dog Bone ???
Recently, a poster, as part of an answer, referred to a car part called a ‘Dog Bone’. Naturally, this is a slang name for the part, but if you walked into a parts store and referred to ...
by svfixer
Garage door opens 6 inches then stops...
Does your garage door open only partially and then stop? Whether this is something new or it has been a recurring problem, here are some of the things that should can be checked before you call out ...
by Vale
Motor Brushes & Commutator Service
brush motor 11.jpeg
Most ‘corded’ tools and appliances rely, for electrical connection between the electrical source and the armature, on small carbon blocks known as brushes. Although they don’t ...
by svfixer
TV Popped
This post was written in response to a guest who had a problem with their Panasonic TV: I have a Panasonic TC P50S30 Plasma HD TV, built 2011. It was on and I heard a "pop" and it went off. I ...
by my10cents
How to measure the capacity of a dryer in cubic feet
20120122 #23: Measuring the bathroom...
A compact dryer has the capacity between 3.5 and 5 cubic feet. To calculate the capacity of a dryer in cubic feet, please follow the steps below: The capacity of the dryer depends upon the ...
by Asif Nadeem
White Screen
LED/LCD and LCD TV only-- Problem: White screen Cause: No signal from the mainboard to the LCD panel is the usual cause of solid white screen. Check: Check the cable connecting the Main Board to ...
by my10cents
Remote and TV Buttons not working?
There are 4 reasons for a remote control to not function: 1) Batteries 2) An electronic glitch in remote 3) A defective remote 4) A defective remote sensor on the TV--(IR Sensor)-- To ...
by my10cents
Code Search Instruction for Popular Universal Remote Controls (updated 3/19/2013)
Scratching My Head
Who haven't had the experience of having to look for the user manual for your Universal Remote Control to search for the code for your TV, DVD, SATBOX and Cable Box, to end up not finding it. ...
by Pinoytek
Kohler one-piece toilet flush valve replacement
My toilet has the 86972 flush valve. It connects horizontally to the forward side of the toilet tank- that is, the side that's closest to the toilet user and furthest from the bathroom wall. ...
by Jacky1eye
TV On/Off
Is your TV turning on and then right off again? There are a few possible causes and solutions to this problem. First, try accessing your menu and turn down the brightness to half of what you have it ...
by my10cents
Plasma Power Board Failure
LG Plasma Tv Power Board.jpg
Here are some of the most common failures of a plasma power board. No power--This indicates that the power board, in the TV, is not powering up at all. ...
by my10cents
Plasma TV Horizontal Lines
Guest wrote: Plasma screen has three inch black horizontal line in the center of the screen: and a three inch width horizontal green line across the bottom of the screen. Is there a fix? Sharp ...
by my10cents
Loud Pop
Problem: Plasma TV turns on, but there is no video or sound, and no blinking LEDs. Possible cause: Power Board failure, main board or SN-SS board failure. First check the power board fuses and ...
by my10cents
Chevy 4.3 - 5.7L Vortec Engine won't start unless spray starting fluid down throttle body.
4.3 Fuel system.gif
This is a fuel injected engine. When you turn the key, the fuel pump is supposed to turn on momentarily to provide a 'priming' (pressurizing) charge to the fuel system. This is meant to assure enough ...
by svfixer
Basic Introduction to building a pontoon boat
Image You can easily build a pontoon boat with pontoons that are essentially hollow plywood "boxes" with bows on them and a deck across them.I have been gathering materials for a while ...
by CrankyBadger
Blue Screen - Copy.png
There's quite a few things that can cause this problem. First we need to check-- Wrong input or Wrong Type of Tuner reception-- Recheck all connections. Also if you have a cable box reset it -- ...
by my10cents

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