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How to fix a flat screen TV that turns off and on by my10cents
What we are trying to do is get the TV to turn on. Now we need to disconnect the 2 small red boxes on Power Board. That's your power supply to your LEDs inside panel. After you have them disconnected, power on the TV. Does the TV turn on? ...
How to Repair a Chipped Glass Cooktop by Vale
I've dropped a glass jar on the edge of my black glass cooktop and chipped the edge of it. The chip is approximately 3cm wide and about 7mm deep, roughly semicircular in shape, extending all the way through the cooktop from top to bottom (about ...

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The solder joints are good, maybe the other board has issues. What else would cause the screen to not light ?
by Doms - 19 minutes ago
No picture first ,Change main board. Now is on with a Bad picture color and horizontal lines , change the T-com still the same problem . ...
by Jorge Martinez - 3 hours ago
I have a Sylvania under cabinet tv and everytime I turn it off and then back on it’s just a dark grey screen and won’t do anything unless I unplug it and then plug it back in. Can ...
by Alex - 7 hours ago
Morning Sir, Pls I have a 24inch sanyo tv some time it is not onning once it's power bring red or yellow lights but if I OFF $ ON from the socket it will onning and the engineer said he ...
by Guest - 12 hours ago
Light stays red the le55a6r9a
by James - 18 hours ago
I just replaced the bulb it worked for 3 hrs and is doing it again
by Mike - 20 hours ago

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