Chain drive garage door opener won't close in the cold weather

Our garage door chain drive opener will go to about a foot off of the floor and then start going back up. I have to catch it immediately and press the close button again to get it to close all the way. It only does this in the winter. What can I do to stop this from happening?

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Greetings Judith welcome to the Forum.

Sounds like your Electronic Eyes are not adjusted well, and the temprature (expanding/contracting of the metal) is moving them out of alignment.

The Door may be moving the Bracket that the Eye's are mounted to, making them go out of algnment, and it just so happens that when the metal is warm, it's close enough to let it work, but, not when it's cold.

Try resetting the Eye's.

Have a good Day ! 😊

8 years ago #3

The controls (potentiometers) that regulate force get dirty in time and make poor contact inside which become evident when cold as the contact springs separate from the track. Cleaning the inside of them is the solution, I injected 91% alcohol with a fine hypodermic (G27)needle through any spaces I could see leading to the inside of the potentiometers while turning them.
I suppose one can use any alternative electronics cleaner or the good old carbon tetrachloride.
I experienced a de-programing of the remote possibly due to wetness of of the board and I had to use a blow dryer to bring her back to function because I powered it while still wet; and reprogrammed it after. It works well now, I have too doors and fixed both the same way. Good luck.

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3 years ago #4

My 1996 door with the safety sensor I had the same problem. At below zero, the safety sensor receiver sensor light was dim and flickering and the door would not go down. If that is you, the problem is the "source" light LED has dimmed and its time to replace it. You can check by using your cell phone camera and look in the source. Cameras can see infrared and my safety sensor tranmitter was dim, hardly lighting. I replaced it (and the receiver because they come as a kit and problem solved, the camera showed the light was a lot brighter) I guess these LED's have a harder time in the very cold and show problems then first.

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