Craftsman Garage Door Opener Problem

I have a 1/2hp Craftsman Garage Door opener that suddenly stopped working. The motor sounds fine (even has a different noise when theoretically going forward and reverse which I noticed when it was working) BUT the chain does not move. I took the opener down and the chain is still nicely on the gear - I even ran the motor in that configuration to see if something was binding here but it was not. Chain seems to have the appropriate tension, too.

Note that if I do turn the motor on it will continuously run (since there is nothing to stop it). One last important thing. One time I let it run continuously and the motor started smoking. Normally I would think it was fried at that point but it still "sounds" fine (same as when it worked), except nothing moves. Advice? Time to buy a new one?

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9 years ago #2
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Greetings Rev welcome to the Forum.

Hang on about that new one !

If my memory serves, I think you have a Clutch on that thing, that lets it slip when the door is jambed. It may just need tightening up.

If I remember correctly, it's a spring on a Shaft that sticks out from the back of the Motor, and has a large nut on it, which you can tighten, to get it to drive.
Check that out first.

Have a good Day ! 😊

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I had the same thing happen to my Sears Craftsman garage door opener. I had the 1/2 HP model that was about 10 years old. One day my wife went out to open the door and she said it was making a noise and wouldn't stop until I unplugged the opener. After some research I found out that the main gear went bad (something I understand is common with these units as they get older). I found a How to Article on replacing the main gear ... I was also able to order the gear on the website for about half the price that Sears would charge. Hope this helps! Good luck. By the way, the process to change the gear is really not difficult at all. Beats buying a whole new opener!

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8 years ago #4

If it's not a stripped gear, I'll eat it. Yes, available on line. Not hard, but it is a process. I posted another reply regarding the timing of the chain.

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