Craftsman garage door opener remote and keypad not working, wall pad works.

I am having a problem with my craftsman garage door opener. It opens and closes from the wall mounted button, but the keypad and the remote do not work. Any assistance is appreciated.

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1 year ago #2

Mine was doing the same things. I tried everything, wiring, reprogramming, and then I figured the only thing different from when it was working was I replaced the lights with LED's. Replaced them with regular bulbs. Problem solved. LED must cause interference.

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1 year ago #3
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I really appreciate you for sharing the information here. Even last month I was also having the same problem and it was solved with the help of garage door repair davie and they are very good in their services.

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7 months ago #4

I had the same issue with my Craftsman 315. Either remote or keyless would work. But not both. Someone here answered that it could be the house wifi. I shutdown the wifi and reproved both the remote and keypad. WOW! BOTH WORK! Thanks to this site.Pete B. 3asthamoton, Massachusetts.

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