I have a 97 Chevy blazer replaced fuel pump ran good for 2 months then I ha...

I have a 97 Chevy blazer replaced fuel pump ran good for 2 months then I had to use starting fluid to start it then while driving I lost power and started to have a misfire really bad made it home checked fuel pressure and was at 35 so I replaced fuel pump again and I tried to start it and backfired real bad and white smoke through the air filter wouldn't stay running so I changed the fuel pressure regulator and then it started but has a horrible misfire and will die if I press the gas I did a compression test on all cylinders and average from 120 to 100psi hope someone can help me out with this problem

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2 weeks ago #2

Anytime a fuel pump is replaced the Fuel Filters need changed, 1 sock filter in the gas tank and 1 "in-line" filter under the hood.
Also, using starting fluid for an extended period of time isn't recommended as a "work around" to starting problems. You may need to have the throttle body looked at and a complete tune-up done as a result.

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2 weeks ago #3
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Same question posted a day ago by the same poster.

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2 weeks ago #4
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Chevy likes to put the fuel filter on fram about where drivers seat is lol look inside fram rail for it.

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1 week ago #5
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Ok guys after going to the junk yard and getting every sensor and injectors and playing the elimination game it was the injectors changed the entire spider injectors and after putting it back together and fuel filter it fired rite up first time and has never ran as good as it does now so thank you everyone for the suggestions just wanted to let everyone know what was wrong in order to fix the problem

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