Magnavox LCD not powering on

While watching a show the darn tv shut off and the red light indicating standby didn't turn on. I tried unplugging it, waiting 10 mins, and holding down the power button. It's completely dead and I read online that it's due to a power supply board failure. I replaced the fuse as it was blown out and the transistor was dead as well. The parts were replaced with the same voltages as the originals, and I purchased the kit from Unfortunately when I plugged in the tv I saw a spark come out from the area in which the transistor is located. Now the fuse, the transistor, a resistor and a diode are dead. Anyone here have an idea as to what could possibly be causing these components to short circuit? The tv model number is Magnavox 40me324v/f7. I can't seem to find much online in regards to that particular model, and shopjimmy no longer carries the power supply board. All help is appreciated.

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