My frigidaire Ice maker is leaking into the ice bin? what sh...

My frigidaire Ice maker is leaking into the ice bin? what should i do?

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6 years ago #2
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Check these:

The water tube that directs the water into the tray may be slightly out of place.

The solenoid valve that allows the water flow is not closing completely, allowing the ice tray to overflow.

There is sometimes an adjustment on the front of the maker (under a cover, maybe) that controls the amount of water to enter to control the size of the cube. Try to back off this adjustment to limit the water.

If it leaks only during the fill, would point to the fill tube.

The best way to address is to remove the maker(usually 2 screws and an electrical plug) and then with a hair dryer, point it right at the tube and melt away any ice.

The fill tube will usually come off with a slight twist. Inspect it for any dents or burrs that may be disturbing the water flow.

Completely inspect the maker itself and reinstall. Take care to align the tube properly into the maker so the water can only flow into it.

2 years ago #3
Vance in Utah

I went and checked mine for all mentioned above things. I noticed that it was aiming slightly down hill, and I think maybe thats why i was getting a little water draining from it. there is a small angle bracket with a screw, I loosened it and grabbed the level and used a wedge to push it out just barely past level. Then pushed the bracket back against the wall and tightened the screw back down. It has yet to make ice so, hopefully this is all that was wrong.

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1 year ago #4

I removed the maker, and the back half of the dispenser was frozen over. The cubes had fused together before popping into the bucket. I melted it with warm water and dumped it out. Cleaned everything and reinstalled. Dripping appears to have stopped. Thanks for the advice!

1 year ago #5

Ok I have the same problem with my fridge, but how do you fix it. How do you stop water from leaving the tray and running back to the coil. So to cut this short check the your fridge for level. The guys that install these always make the front high, to make the doors shut easier, engineers design things in a perfect world, and if you have looked at this ice tray it is tiny so if the fridge is not level it runs back out of the tray and into the coil. You will have to defrost it after leveling but it should fix that problem.

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