My Snowblower Won’t Start! Tips For Troubleshooting And Repairs To Get Your Snowblower Running Again


My snowblower (2003 MTD 30” 10.5HP) would go for 15-20, then stop dead. It was maddening. So I found this forum, went through all the tips and it’s purring like a kitten again. I tried;

  1. Carb clean. I bought the carby cleaner and You Tubed how to clean it out and check the jets There is a guy there who is very detailed on fixed jet carby’s. It was easier than I thought.
  2. Fuel cap. The black rubber insert had skipped a hole. I simply lined it up to the middle hole and screwed it back on.
  3. I found the kill switch key was loose and the contacts were not strong enough to hold the plastic key in place anymore and kept cutting the engine. Ended up just cutting the cable and disabling it. The throttle has a kill switch on it when it goes to ‘stop’ anyway.
  4. New spark plug
  5. Refitted all of the springs on the carb. A few had jumped their holes. Prob when I cleaned out the carby.

After all of the above it absolutely screams along! It almost runs too fast, so I never turn it to full throttle anymore. I just ran it for an hour and cleared the 6-8 foot snow banks on either side of the driveway. It didn’t miss a beat.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.

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  • Vale: Thanks for sharing your troubleshooting with us, it’s nice to hear from someone that managed to fix their snowblower :D

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