Our Kenmore 70 series heavy duty top-loader washing machine ...

Our Kenmore 70 series heavy duty top-loader washing machine was started this evening, filled with water and when it was supposed to begin the spin/agitate cycle it made a horrible clanking, engine hum noise. Belt is good, sounds like something is stripped. What are the first steps here?

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7 years ago #2
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Going to guess your drive coupling has broken. Please read the following article.


Oops!!! Did you say belt??? Whole different ball game and questionable whether it is feasible to repair.

7 years ago #3

When the back panel is removed, there is a belt. Looks like a motor/coil on the left and belt attached to pulley on the right. Worth fixing??? We bought the washer in 2005 from a used appliance store, no trouble with it until now. Not a big fan of the dual agitator though.

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7 years ago #4
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those duel agitators suck. replace it with a straight vane one. if you can take the belt off the motor and turn the machine on does the motor work.

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